No Leftovers for God

God Loves a Cheerful Giver

Scripture reference: 2 Corinthians 9:7b

Today I’m going to tell you a story about Shaina. Shaina’s class had a project – a giving project. Shaina’s teacher at school had made a big toy box and put it in the classroom. But the toy box was empty; so the children were going to give one of their toys to put into the toy box, and when the box was full, the teacher would bring it to some children who had no toys to play with.

It was Shaina’s turn to bring something for the toy box. What could she give? She took out her basket full of teddy bears and put them on the floor, one by one:

  • A white one with a pink tie
  • A brown one with a blue tie
  • A blue one
  • A little bear with a red and white striped shirt
  • A little bear with a blue and white shirt
  • A tiny brown one

Now Shaina had to choose which teddy bear to give away.

Shaina looked for a long time.

She took the white bear and put it back into her basket.

NOT THAT ONE – he was soooo soft and beautiful!

She took the brown bear and put it back into her basket

                             NOT THAT ONE – he had such a nice blue tie!

She put the blue bear back into her basket.

NOT THAT ONE – he had such a nice fluffy nose!

She put the bear with the red and white shirt back into the basket.

                             NOT THAT ONE – tooooo special!

She put the bear with the blue and white shirt back into the basket.

NOT THAT ONE – he smelled so nice…..

Finally, there was one bear left over, a tiny brown bear with just one button eye.  “O.K.” thought Shawna, “this bear could be a present …”

And Shaina began to tuck him into her schoolbag.

Then Shaina’s brother began to sing a little song:

“Shaina’s giving leftovers …

 Shaina’s giving leftovers …”

 Over and over he sang, “Shaina’s giving leftovers …!”

Leftovers! Shaina really didn’t want to give leftovers!

She pulled the little bear out of her schoolbag and …


And this time she picked the very first bear – and tucked him into her schoolbag and went skipping off to school.

And that night, when Shaina went to bed, she said her prayers, and then she told her mother about the “leftover song.” And her mother gave her a big hug and tucked her in, with the basket of bears beside her. And Shaina fell asleep with a big smile on her face.


Dear God:
Help us to give you the first portion of what we have;
Help us to give it cheerfully.
Thank you that you gave us your first and only son Jesus.